Five Comics You Should Be Reading

Unlike many lists that you will see about comics, there will be no DC and no Marvel on this list. Not to say that any of them are bad necessarily. I like Grayson quite a bit. (Dick Grayson was ‘outed’ as Nightwing by the bad guys. Everyone thinks he is dead, but Batman has him undercover in a secret society. Think Jason Bourne meets Batman.)

Strangely, every book on this list is published by image comics and none of them are necessarily superhero based, but all are worth reading. Next time you are your local comic shop, put down a new Batman or Spider-man that will just rehash stories you have already read in the past and pick up something new.

1. The Wicked + The Divine

wicked-divineThis comic right here. Kind of like Gaiman’s American Gods, but this time the gods are not incognito or trying to hide themselves, they are superstars. This book says as much about our celebrity driven culture as it does tell a good story. Basically, every 90 years 12 gods return as youths and live for two years and then they die. Lucifer has been framed for a murder that she did not – or did – commit. One of her fans teams up with an web journalist to look into it.

wicked22.  Trees

trees2This one takes a bit of imagination. Giant tree like things landed on earth and have been dormant for about 10 years. During this time, the world around them has gone to…well, for lack of a better word, the world has gone to shit. New York was flooded, more genocide in Africa, Brazil is bad off. It’s so bad that the best place to live is China. After years of dormancy, things are beginning to happen.

trees33.  Outcast

outcast-1-featuredThis new book is created by Robert Kirkman, who is staying firmly in the horror genre. Young Kyle Barnes has control over demons and has the ability to cast them out without all the religious-ness that goes with demon stuff normally. The only problem is, most people do not see what he is doing as casting out demons, they just see the violence. This is why he was accused of beating his child and his mother. Now he is teaming up with a priest and combating demons, both his own metaphorical ones and the real ones.

outcast 24.  Nailbiter

nailbiterBuckaroo, Oregon has been the birth place a high number of serial killers. The latest and most famous was Edward Charles Warren (because they all have the three names.) His M.O. was to take men and women that had the habit of chewing their fingernails. He would keep them locked up until their fingernails grew long enough and then he would chew their nails…down to the bone and then kill them. Officer Nicholas Finch (Army Intelligence Officer at that) gets a call from an old friend to visit Buckaroo but his contact goes missing. What happens next is he teams up with the local sheriff and they look into the disappearance of his friend and the history of Buckaroo.

nailbiter-preview-01-025.  Manifest Destiny

ManifestDestiny01_cover2This is another book that could have been real bad but the execution is excellent. It is the untold story of Lewis and Clark as they discover America. The untold part is that they encounter minotaurs, giant mosquitoes, giant frog creatures, and plant zombies. Yeah, plant zombies. It is basically a story that you already know from history with a lot of extra stuff thrown in.

MANIFEST-DESTINY-PG1Read these books. Or don’t. It’s no skin off my nose. Many will tell you that Image has other great titles such as Saga, The Walking Dead, Sex Criminals, and Velvet. (While The Walking Dead is not as good as it was, it’s still pretty good.) Listen to these people. Take a chance and read these books. Or wait around for the next Marvel reboot or the new-new-new 52 or whatever DC is doing.