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Popular Casino Scenes in Film

The makers of films have long used casinos either as a general setting for an entire film, or simply as a place to set one or two key scenes in the course of a film. There are a number of advantages to casinos for filmmakers, as they provide a glamorous backdrop, with well dressed men and women mingling in a luxurious locale – and they combine this with the tension of the actual casino gaming.

casino filmThe best movie scenes are arguably those which succeed in capturing both of these features and the James Bond franchise is one which has always sought to try. Arguably during the 1990s these scenes became something of a stale cliché (like much of the rest of it) and it was only with Casino Royale that the Bond casino scene rediscovered its mojo. Gone was the fuss about shaken, not stirred Martinis, and in its place was a tense game of high stakes Texas Hold’em poker against Le Chiffre – in the knowledge that the latter planned to use his winnings for terrorist funding.
This scene was gripping, while retaining the high roller glamour of the typical Bond casino scene – exemplifying the way Casino Royale subtly rejigged the staples of the franchise, rather than simply tearing them up.

casino filmAnother great casino scene from a movie is the one featured in the great 1942 classic Casablanca. Here the scene which takes place at the roulette table of Rick’s nightclub plays a vital role in developing his character, as he responds to the plea for help from a young wife by rigging the game to help her husband secure the money he needs to get them out of Casablanca in safety. This is where the audience see Rick drop his image of cynicism and indifference to humanity for the first time, which leads to his actions throughout the remainder of the film – and takes us to that legendary climax. If you wish to try one of these gripping games then you can play here. Your own adventure could be just around the corner.

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