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Batfleck: Let’s Give Him a Chance

Yes, yes. I’m committing the ultimate nerdy sin right now.

Perhaps he is the hero Gotham deserves.  Getty Images / Warner Bros.

Perhaps he is the hero Gotham deserves.
Getty Images / Warner Bros.

There has been quite the uproar regarding Mr. Affleck’s casting as Batman. I’m here to be the contrarian. I think Ben Affleck is going to be a great Batman in the upcoming movie Batman vs  Superman.

I know he totally botched Daredevil, but I don’t think that means that he’s going to bring Batman vs. Superman down with him. Instead, I think he’s going to elevate it in a way only Ben Affleck can.

Affleck has starred in some of the most incredible movies of our time, including The Town, and Good Will Hunting. While these are obviously not superhero movies, it proves that Affleck certainly does have the acting capabilities to play a role such as Batman.

Perhaps the most important element to note about the Batman role being written for Affleck is that the Batman in the upcoming 2015 film will be an aged Batman. It seems as though this Batman will be taking on less of an action role, and more of a fatherly role to the yet to be cast Robin. This will allow for Affleck’s acting range to be the star of the show, which as we already know, is an incredible one.

Let us also remember that almost all superhero/supervillain castings have caused some form of uproar after an announcement has been made (Anyone else remembering the anger towards casting Heath Ledger?). Maybe giving Affleck a shot at being Gotham’s hero isn’t such a bad idea.

Jordanna Ishmael is currently a college student, struggling through the throes of work by writing random articles for NerdGlaze.