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Amazon Unveils ‘PrimeAir’ – A Drone Delivery Service – on 60Minutes

Amazon’s CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos unveilved his newest project on this weeks 60 Minutes – a drone delivery service called Amazon PrimeAir. The idea is to delivery smaller packages in under 30 minutes to customer everywhere – and 80% of Amazon’s products are small enough to be delivered in this way. It’s faster, more energy efficient, and won’t clog up the roads. He said expect this to go mainstream in 2015.

What do you all think about this?

2 comments on “Amazon Unveils ‘PrimeAir’ – A Drone Delivery Service – on 60Minutes
  1. Kristin Stannard on said:

    It looked pretty and perfect on the 60 Minutes piece. However, if good old Jeff’s plan is to use them mostly in urban areas, that is a very different image we’d need to see play out — how in the world does he plan on navigating those little drones through a city full of skyscrapers to deliver to Apt 23F?

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