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Warner Brothers Announces Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Movie

Warner Brothers has announced that the Harry Potter film world will be expanded with a film version of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Fantastic Beasts is one of the textbooks from the Harry Potter world, and author Newt Scamander will be the main character. The film will not be a prequel or a sequel to the popular series, but instead “an extension to the wizarding world,” as author JK Rowling put it. The original book was written by Rowling in 2001 as a part of a charity drive to benefit Comic Relief.

Rowling herself will be penning the screenplay. She said the idea of seeing Scamander written by another author was too difficult, and when Warner Brothers came to her with the proposal, “an idea took shape that I couldn’t dislodge. That is how I ended up pitching my own idea for a film to Warner Bros.” According to Rowling, the film will start with Scamander in New York, seventy years before the start of Harry’s story.

There is no release date for the film as of yet, but Potter fans will certainly be anxiously awaiting Rowling’s screenwriting debut.