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Life Beyond the Wall for Kit Harington?

I have never watched a Paul W.S. Anderson film. Nor do I feel a particular need to, considering that at 43%, Death Race is Anderson’s highest rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes. Some would claim that Anderson is a big deal because he’s the guy behind the Resident Evil series. I, on the other hand, feel that his only significant accomplishments are marrying Milla Jovovich and making Paul Thomas Anderson use his middle name.

Hipster Jon Snow just wants to be loved.

Now let’s talk about Kit Harington for a second. He’s in Game of Thrones. That’s about enough to put him in my good books. And I think that he finds a pretty satisfying balance between the self-pity and self-righteousness, mixed with genuine virtue, that defines Jon Snow.

Harington has a real chance to catapult from the Wall to genuine Hollywood stardom. Roles have started rolling in for the night’s watchmen. Unfortunately, so far he’s 0-1 in his post Game of Thrones acting choices. His next film, Seventh Son, has a couple of promising elements (Jeff Bridges and Sergei Bodrov, director of the little seen 1996 gem, Prisoner of the Mountain). But a January release and a jarring trailer (which also makes it look like Harington’s character might die in the first 10 minutes of the film) definitely serve as warning signs.

2014 is going to be an interesting year for Harington. He has a distinct chance of starring in two films which top the box office for their particular month of release. The only problem is that the months in question are January and February. Not exactly a 1-2 punch. Especially when the latter of the two films is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

The weird thing about Pompeii, next February’s unholy union between Anderson and Harington, is that it doesn’t look horrible to me. Maybe it’s because I’m really rooting for Harington. Maybe it’s because gladiators and volcanos both seem like pretty cool things.


This article just got hijacked by Dr. Who.

And maybe it’s just because I liked the Pompeii Dr Who episode (spoiler alert: it’s a reunion of the 10th and 12th Doctors before the 11th Doctor had even come into existence. And it’s going to be a really weird episode to watch once Capaldi has firmly taken the reins of the franchise).


Maybe, just maybe, Paul W.S. Anderson will be able to defy the odds and top 43% on Rotten Tomatoes with Pompeii. Maybe 2014 will be remembered as the year that Kit Harington exploded onto the cultural scene. Or maybe we’ll just have a lot more “Jon Snow vs the Volcano” jokes. If all else fails, Harington is lined up to voice act in How to Train Your Dragon 2, and even if that’s not a career changer, at least it’s a step in a positive direction.