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Coulson lives in new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Promo


Finally we get a feature on the one we all really care about. Doubtless, we will eventually love and cherish the new characters (just in time for one of them to get killed in the most heartbreaking way possible), but for now the one we are most excited about is Coulson.

I remember coming home a bit sad after The Avengers because Coulson was dead. I googled Coulson, and, to my surprise, I found many others who were also unhappy with his death. If I was forced  to explain, say to aliens or future grandchildren, why Coulson is such an appealing character to me and other fans, I’m not sure that I could.

People talk about his everyman quality in a universe filled with the likes of Thor, and it’s true. I think people forget about how small a role that he had in Iron Man, and that Coulson’s everyman development took place over movies. For some reason, for both the movie makers and the fans Coulson just clicked. We like Coulson enough that we campaigned for him to be alive, and the people over at Marvel liked him enough to bring him back.

Is it September 24th yet? Nope. Why, oh why would they put it a month away when I need this show now?