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Welcome to the new NerdGlaze!


The term ‘Nerd Glaze’ comes from a March 25th, 2013 The Daily Show interview with Game of Throne’s Peter Dinklage.


Nerd Glaze was a term Peter coined to describe the look on one’s face after over-indulging in something nerdy, such as watching too many hours of Game of Thrones. With this as inspiration, we have set out to build Nerd Glaze – the first dedicated site for nerds looking to get glazed on all topics, nerd!

From the moment NerdGlaze was born, we have been dedicated to building something that will help nerds over-indulge in what makes them happy. To that end, we have decided that this platform will serve that purpose best. We are excited to see where it goes.

Thanks for reading and please share with your friends :).


The NerdGlaze Team