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The Welcome To Night Vale Trailer You Never Knew You Needed

For those of you who missed its meteoric rise to the #1 listened-to podcast on iTunes and the subsequent explosion of its fanbase, Welcome To Night Vale is a twice-monthly podcast that takes the form of a small town public radio station. However, this is no ordinary small town. It’s PTA is run by a glowing cloud of light, wheat and wheat by-products are outlawed because they keep turning into snakes, and the fancy new dog park is off limits to all citizens and dogs. To compound the weird, the Sheriff’s Secret Police are always watching and if you break any rules, you are kidnapped and brutally interrogated in the five-star-accommodated Abandoned Mineshaft outside of town. I hear they just got high-speed wifi. Seriously though, do not go into the dog park or talk to any of the mysterious hooded figures you may see inside.

In typical fashion, once I discovered Welcome To Night Vale, I got hooked HARD. To express my enthusiasm with the show, I whipped up a little fan trailer that you should watch.

For more information on Welcome To Night Vale, you should visit their site.

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