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Firefly Online: New Officially Licensed Firefly Game to be Launched Summer 2014

If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling the ‘verse as captain of your very own ship, you just might get the chance come summer 2014.  That’s when Firefly Online is scheduled to be launched, although an exact date is not yet known.

The game is being developed by Fox Digital Entertainment and QMx Interactive, Inc. (QMXi), initially for smartphones and tablets (including both iPhone and Android devices).  It’s a multi-player role-playing game in which players will act as a ship captain, hire a crew, find jobs, and interact with other players in their missions.  Andy Gore, CEO of QMXi, says, “At QMx, we know firsthand how great and powerful a franchise Firefly is and how mighty the Browncoats are…It has always been our mission to bring the Verse to life for our customers in every way possible.  The idea of creating an interactive experience where fans can have their own Firefly adventures–well, that’s just too shiny for words.”

The official press release for the game says that FFO players will have access to the following features:

  • “Create a crew, customize a shiny ship and explore the Verse.
  • “Aim to misbehave in space and planet-side adventures.
  • “Pick-up and play anywhere with cross-platform, cross-device game play support.
  • “Engage with unique social features connecting Firefly fans.”

Interested future players can create an account on the official website, and can also watch the brief game trailer, but there is very little other content currently available.  Watch this space, Browncoats; I’ll be sure to keep you posted.