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The Next Doctor

With the impeding regeneration of Doctor Who there has been much debate online and behind the sofa, whether the next Doctor should be a woman.  There are many rallying behind the idea of a female Doctor.  From a female perspective, this is why we should not have a woman as The Doctor.

Doctor Who, Lake Silencio

Many believe it is time to introduce the feminine side of The Doctor.  There have been indications that this is a possibility for quite some time.  We know female Time Lords exist. In “The End of Time” it shows male and female Time Lords as a part of the council.  Moffat has alluded to the possibility of regenerating into a woman from the moment he took the reins. When David Tennant regenerated, Matt Smith actually thought he may be a woman.  Granted it was because his hair was so long and once he touched his throat he realized he was in fact still a man.  Season 6 in “The Doctor’s Wife”, Smith refers to a Time Lord that goes by The Corsair.  He said that in all of The Corsair’s incarnations he had the snake tattoo.  “Didn’t feel like himself unless he had the tattoo.  Or herself a couple of times.  Ooh, she was a bad girl!”  Clearly, it is a possibility but should we have a woman as The Doctor?

River Song, Lake Silencio

What we want is a strong female lead that doesn’t need the Doctor.  We’ve had this already but people tend to forget.  River Song, while not from Gallifrey, is the embodiment of the female version of The Doctor.  Her part Time Lord DNA is a side effect from being conceived in the TARDIS while it was in flight.  She’s regenerated twice on screen and her background is steeped in mystery.  In many ways she is one step ahead of the Doctor, since they’re lives are travelling in opposite directions.  Her past is his future.  Often she cannot tell what she knows because of “spoilers”.  She could even fly the TARDIS with more grace, much to The Doctor’s chagrin.  She is selfless and sacrifices herself twice for her companion, The Doctor.  Once when she gave him all her regenerations so he would live and the second when she gave her life for him in the Library.  Though inside a super computer now, time is wibbly wobbly and there may be adventures we have yet to witness.  Before we have a female Doctor, let him have the one thing he’s wanted for over 1100 years.  Let him be a ginger.